ESGeo Sustainability Intelligence

por Techedge S.p.A.


ESGeo is an innovative product designed to help organizations evaluate ESG-related risks and opportunities, integrate new ESG factors into their value chain and streamline their sustainability reporting process by allowing a transparent disclosure of information to all stakeholders. With ESGeo companies get real-time sustainable datas in insightful, easy to manage dashboard reports, alerts, opportunities and open risks. What you can do with ESGeo:
  • Identify the main ESG key points of the related industry and sector;
  • Define budget to the major ESG variables;
  • Audit ESG process;
  • Provide reports, statics and improvements on company ESG topics (even relative to sector and industry);
  • List programs & initiatives developed to improve ESG factors;
  • Strengthen the management in controlling the ESG process and would minimize the risk of controversies

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