Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM)

por Temenos

Sanctions Screening, PEP Matching, KYC risk scoring and categorization, AML Transaction Monitoring

Used by over 300 banks globally (from the global tier 1 to smaller regional Fis), Temenos’ award winning Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM) product family enables banks and FI’s to avoid regulatory fines, detect fraud and mitigate reputational risks whilst improving throughput and optimizing cost all in line with the banks’ Risk Based Approach.

In terms of deployment Temenos FCM allows you to focus on the business problem of financial crime and compliance, offering ultimate flexibility, allowing clients to choose from private or public cloud, On-premise or to be consumed as a fully managed service (SaaS).

Either choose the entire solution or in part to meet immediate needs and pay only for what is used.

Industry Leading Levels of Detection Accuracy and False Positives

Industry leading false positive levels (Screen): sophisticated algorithms, smart contextual whitelists and robotic process automation, dramatically reduce overheads and costs. Record hit rate evaluation: clients report double their hit evaluation efficiency (a 250% increase while head count is up only 30%). Efficiency through AI: Proven combination of algorithms rules and Artificial Intelligence

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