por Thasa Technologies

A cutting-edge cloud-based IOT-enabled, pathology laboratory information system (LIMS)

Built to scale across multiple disciplines, subsidiaries, branches, warehouses and geographies. Respond to performance bottlenecks, improve turnaround times and increase the quality of results and accuracy of diagnosis.

Meeting an end-to-end set of laboratory requirements ranging from logistics/specimen tracking, through to instrument interfacing and result sign-out with everything in between, this product delivers results. It enables and supports key compliance frameworks defined by governments and industry bodies while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of efficient and accurate result reporting.

Some of the modules Chiron offers include:

  • Multiple subsidiaries within your broader organization
  • Multiple administrative branches, bleeding rooms, mini-labs, laboratories and more
  • Callout/Ticketing
  • Logistics/Collection and specimen tracking/transfer between couriers and labs
  • Requisition/Lab form entry and scanning with upload to data lake repositories for both short and long term persistence
  • Receipting of payments at the front desk
  • Dynamic intelligent laboratory result processing queues across various pathology disciplines including clinical, microbiology, cytology/histology
  • Quality control and calibration cues which further support compliance, coupled with Levey-Jennings plots
  • Our state-of-the-art graphical sign-out chart which has been proven to assist in quick and accurate diagnosis. Spot abnormal results and draw a clinical picture in seconds.
  • Route printing to hospitals, research facilities, laboratories and partner doctors practices
  • Stock and consumable tracking with just-in-time order reporting and triggers
  • Full audit trails on lab requests together with access to digitized versions of hard-copy requests
  • Allocate roles and users to specific branches and departments. Define permissions and access levels the way you want.
  • Instrument and analyzer asset tracking registry
  • Dashboards and widgets which enable you to determine laboratory throughput, turnaround-time metrics and bottlenecks. Identify silos within the laboratory which require higher performance
  • DoctorsPortal where your requesting and referring physicians and specialists may log in and inspect progress, view/download results and more
  • SMS-ing of results to doctors and/or patients
  • Interfaces with 1000's of instruments from manufactures such as Beckman Coulter, Siemens, Roche, Sysmex, Abott, Thermofisher and more
  • Integration options with third-party insurance and medical aid switching providers
  • Integration options with ERP's
  • Platform independent web client works on Windows, iOS and Linux

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