ThingLink for eLearning and corporate training


Create visual learning materials and virtual trainings for multilingual teams

ThingLink’s solution for eLearning and corporate training is designed to support team collaboration and remote training in multilingual organizations. It includes easy image and video annotation for creating visual learning experiences, and sharing them securely on Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

Train employees in real-world environments and situations using interactive virtual walk-throughs.
Use cases include:

- New employee orientation
- Safety drills
- Enterprise compliance training
- Product training and user manuals
- Professional development
- Customer education and training (with restricted access to selected team members)
- Skills and capability development
- Sales training

Create accessible learning materials with automatic language translation

Images and videos that contain text descriptions are instantly accessible in Immersive Reader including automatic translation to over 60 languages. This supports multilingual workplaces and teams, and improves flexibility and retention in remote learning.

Summary of benefits:
- Allows employees to virtually visit physical facilities and trainings without logistical hassle
- Makes learning faster by giving instant access to additional information directly from images and videos
- Helps builds a shared understanding of places and situations for employees at remote locations
- Enables flexible, self-paced training for multilingual teams
- Saves time from learning the basics in a new work environment
- Helps avoid communication errors between team members in multiple locations through accessible visual learning materials
- Works directly inside Microsoft Teams including direct sharing to Teams Channels and Assignments
Summary of ThingLink:

Customers: Large Enterprises (>10,000), Small and Medium Businesses Public Sector, Schools, Colleges, Universities
Deployment: Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Application
Editor: 2D and 360 degree image and video annotation
Enterprise features: SAML, Microsoft logins, Azure Tenant ID and Ping Identity for user authentication, secure sharing
Browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari
Training: Use case documentation, Webinars, Online Tutorials, Live Training
Support: Email, Support Site, Live Chat
Integrations: Microsoft login, O365 login, AppSource, OneNote, Teams, Immersive Reader, Microsoft Forms, Cognitive Services
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