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Your platform for cybersecurity asset management. Boost your cyber hygiene today!

Tikabu's Glue platform is a cybersecurity asset management tool that allows you to consolidate data from your IT and security-management tools to identify gaps in the coverage and effectiveness of your security controls and dramatically improve your security posture. It provides teams with a single source of truth for reporting corporate security requirements. What’s more, it keeps both internal and external service providers honest and accountable.

Azure customers can use Glue to identify, manage, and ultimately mitigate your cybersecurity risk.

What Glue can do:

  • display the status of your devices against various source systems, such as endpoint protection, vulnerability management, and patching, to identify security gaps and help focus your remediation efforts
  • track remediations and trends over time to help you reach maximum compliance
  • provide customisable dashboards and reports that can surface and summarise data from other security systems your organisation uses
  • give you operational awareness of the devices in your environment and help track device ownership and active/inactive devices
  • maintain an up-to-date, accurate repository of information sourced from your existing management tools; within your organisation, all of your teams can use it as a self-service portal
  • integrate with your other systems through the RESTful APIs, allowing you to automate within your environment
  • deploy easily as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and data collector for on-premise systems.

Most organisations still don’t have adequate protection from cyber threats in place for their networks. But you can optimise your security posture today with Glue.

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