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Willis Towers Watson vPlace RiskAgility FM

Towers Watson Delaware Holdings Inc.

A one-stop actuarial workplace

A virtual workplace version of RiskAgility FM using cloud technology to maximise benefits from your software investment Backed by the power of Microsoft Azure, Willis Towers Watson RiskAgility FM in vPlace allows users to securely host, manage and run their data and software in the ‘cloud’ as opposed to storing these resources physically within onsite servers. This allows you to work completely in the cloud via an internet browser which reduces the constraints of internal IT resource. All of this is done without sacrificing the privacy and security of your data. What is RiskAgility FM in vPlace? RiskAgility FM in vPlace is designed as a one-stop actuarial workplace using RiskAgility FM, our risk modelling software, embedded in a secure cloud environment liberating users from their desktop PCs and enabling them to develop and run models seamlessly with data and scalable grid integrated. This allows users to work remotely, improves the speed of software and enhances cross-tool collaboration to ensure a more consistent user experience. Combined with Willis Towers Watson vGrid (our virtual grid solution), RiskAgility FM in vPlace can also benefit from unlimited processing power that’s scalable on demand – building the ultimate flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution for your actuarial processing needs.