Willis Towers Watson Unify

por Towers Watson Software Limited

Enterprise-wide risk and actuarial systems integration platform

Unify will enable your company to fundamentally change your financial modelling and reporting process by implementing a comprehensive integration, automated process management and governance solution. This will allow your staff to spend less time on routine production tasks and more time using the results to deliver value-added insight and competitive advantage to business stakeholders

Unify is an enterprise risk and actuarial systems integration platform that:
- Enables integration with Willis Towers Watson software solutions and other third-party software
- Provides automation of flexible, user-defined workflows to run these integrated solutions
- Supports governance, including security, process review and approval, version control and process audit trails

Your company can use these capabilities for rapid, efficient and consistent execution of sophisticated financial modelling and reporting processes to undertake more frequent reporting in shorter timescales, subject to mandatory governance and at significantly reduced cost

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