Transformation Accelerator

por Tr3Dent Limited

A strategic Ecosystem Modelling tool to make enterprises more successful.

Organisations are struggling to adapt to the pace and scale of change that is impacting their business. Their leaders are tasked with transforming and evolving the business to deliver new and innovative offerings within a complex ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders. Using traditional methods and tools are inefficient, siloed and impede collaboration. Tr3Dent's Transformation Accelerator Platform provides organizations, project leaders and teams the ability to make faster, more confident, more informed, collaborative decisions around complex business scenarios. The platform is being used across a variety of sectors including ICT, Smart Cities, IoT, Utilities, Financial Services, Governments and Asset Management. By using Transformation Accelerator organisations and teams; • Work Smarter to achieve goals quicker • Identify new Business Opportunities • Improves communications and collaboration • Deliver real value to end customers • Develop Business Models that work • Gain stakeholder consensus quicker

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