Turing Computer Vision

por Turing Challenge

Classify, identify objects, and evaluate images and videos

Our models detect and classify images and objects, both in real time (video) and in stored.
Improve the QA of your products, maintain your infrastructure detecting failures, or ensure that employees are wearing proper PPEs.

Detection and classification
  • Classify objects in images from type or model to damage or quality
  • Detect and classify anomalies
  • Extract characteristics from detected object
Save up to 90% in time and effort classifying images

People and objects
  • Detect people and extract characteristics (age, emotion, etc.)
  • Analyze what is wearing or not (mask, helmet, gloves,
Guarantee personnel security

Visual and thermographic
  • Use thermographic pictures to detect thermal anomalies
  • Combine visual and thermographic to double check failures.
Improve model precision combining different sources

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