IFS Ultimo EAM Software - Enterprise

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IFS Ultimo Enterprise EAM software: for large organizations and enterprises

Flexible Enterprise Asset Management platform for all types of assets, with unmatched usability and ROI. Optimize your productivity, control costs, and guarantee health and safety.
IFS Ultimo is the number 1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management Cloud platform. We support more than 2200 companies worldwide in the optimization of their asset management in the following verticals: Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Utilities. IFS Ultimo’s software offers rich functionality and integrated modules for Environmental Health and Safety and IT Service Management. It can be applied to planning, monitoring, optimization, execution and tracking of all required maintenance activities.

For organisations that want to have the complete platform at their disposal to leverage the maximum benefits from IFS Ultimo, we offer IFS Ultimo Enterprise. No compromises, everything included and complete! Next to this, IFS Ultimo Enterprise contains all the functionalities that are available in IFS Ultimo Professional and Premium.

Industry-specific solutions

IFS Ultimo offers of-the-shelf Industry-specific solutions for:

  • Technical Asset Management;
  • Medical Asset Management;
  • Fleet Asset Management;
  • Infrastructure Asset Management.

On top of that, the flexibility of IFS Ultimo Enterprise is supreme. You are able to customize the standard software to your company’s processes. That’s where IFS Ultimo shines. And still, we make sure your IFS Ultimo stays always up-to-date.

Align Maintenance, Operations, IT and Finance

IFS Ultimo enables you to optimise the productivity of your teams, maximise asset availability, guarantee health and safety. In doing so, we create synergy between Maintenance, Operations, IT and Finance.

Integrations with Microsoft Solutions
To provide customers with a secure environment, guaranteed backups and automatic updates, the IFS Ultimo platform is powered by Microsoft Azure. It also offers seamless connections with a lot of other enterprise software tools, including Microsoft solutions like Dynamics, Teams, Hololens and Power BI.

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