IFS Ultimo: #1 Enterprise Asset Management Platform

por Ultimo Software Solutions b.v.

Maximise asset availability. Optimise hands-on tool time. Reduce Costs. Secure health and safety.

Why Enterprise Asset Management Software is essential for your valuable assets

IFS Ultimo is the number 1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management Cloud platform in Western-Europe. We develop software to support (y)our customers in managing all types of assets, like manufacturing equipment, fleet assets, buildings, medical equipment, IT assets and more. We have one goal in mind: Provide you with essential information, to take the right action. This way, we enable our clients to:

· Optimise hands-on tool time;

· Reduce Costs;

· Maximise asset availability;

· Secure health and safety;

· Manage asset longevity.

The IFS Ultimo platform is scalable, flexible and offers seamless connections with a lot of other enterprise software tools, including Microsoft Dynamics.

Trusted by the folllowing companies

IFS Ultimo provides innovative, flexible and user-friendly tooling for all asset managers and maintenance managers at midsized and large enterprises. We support more than 2000 companies in the optimization of their asset management in the following verticals:

· Manufacturing

· Logistics

· Healthcare

· Infrastructure

· Utilities

IFS Ultimo has a global footprint, with a focus in Western-Europe. Customers are amongst others Eneco, Bosch, Gatwick Airport, UMC Utrecht, BASF and Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam.

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