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IRIS Core: the intelligent assistant for first responders in the field

Unblur helps Emergency Services to make faster & safer decisions during an emergency.

During an intervention, first responders on the field (Fire Services, Police Departments and Ambulances) need real-time information to understand the situation and make decisions. These are critical decisions like who to save first in front of a mass casualty event. Or should I send my colleagues inside that building on fire.

Specifically, there is one person in charge of these decisions: the Incident Commander. The person responsible for the outcome of the mission and the one that must make sure that everyone comes back home safely.

New technologies like wearables, sensors, drones, GIS or analytical software is bringing valuable data for first responders.

However, new technologies are causing saturation of commanders by large amounts of unfiltered data, obstructing the decision-making process. In addition, coordination becomes an issue, because different teams have different tools, meaning they have a different understanding of what is happening in the incident.

Technology MUST help commanders become better leaders.
For that purpose, Unblur created IRIS.

IRIS helps first responders have a better understanding of what is happening at the incident and to make faster and safer decisions. IRIS integrates all sources of information, combines them with command & control tools and displays everything in the most appropriate way. IRIS delivers the key insights for commanders to understand quickly what is happening and what is the best decision to make.

IRIS has been developed with first responders around Europe, ensuring that all features are relevant for field commanders and that it has the best user experience design. Its modularity allows easy and cost-efficient deployment, integration and customization.

IRIS has been created to bring affordable and truly useful technology to every Emergency Service.

If you are interested and would like to have a try, do not hesitate in reaching our team.

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