CloudAtlas: Infrastructure Assessment

por UnifyCloud LLC

Fast assessments to drive cloud strategy – right-sizing, cost estimates, security, IaaS and PaaS

CloudAtlas uses infrastructure data from your preferred IT discovery tool to perform an analysis of your on-premises environment in just minutes. This scan of your virtual machines, physical servers, applications, databases, and client machines generates an assessment of the cloud readiness of your infrastructure and workloads, outputting a detailed and customizable cloud strategy and business case with cloud migration options, costs and recommendations that can easily be output into reports and presentations for delivery to business decision-makers.

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Key Benefits and Capabilities

CloudAtlas assesses infrastructure data with advanced analytics to provide a cloud strategy report with detailed recommendations to guide your cloud migration journey.

Visibility into your Current Infrastructure

A holistic view of your current on-premises landscape and cloud readiness using data from your preferred discovery tool.

Analysis in Minutes, Not Months

Automation saves time effort and expense over arduous manual assessments.

Modernization Report

A view of your IT infrastructure that identifies digital transformation options including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Detailed Cost Estimates

Accurate estimates of cost and TCO of moving all or portions of your infrastructure to the cloud.

Rightsizing Your Cloud

Insights to ensure your cloud environment is sized correctly to maximize benefits and minimize waste.

Personalized Cloud Migration Strategy

Analysis and reporting to guide your cloud migration strategy with optimal path recommendations.

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