Upstream C4 Automotive Cybersecurity

por Upstream Security LTD

Automotive cloud-based cybersecurity solution designed for protecting connected vehicles.

What is Upstream's C4 Platform: 
Upstream’s C4 (Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity) is the first cloud-based cybersecurity solution designed for OEM's, VSOC (Vehicle Security Operations Center) teams, and fleet owners and managers, to protect connected vehicles and smart mobility services from cyber-attacks or misuse at rest and in motion. Driven by a patent-pending multilayered security architecture, deep protocol, big-data, and behavioral analysis expertise, C4 delivers the most comprehensive automotive cybersecurity detection, automotive data aggregation and normalization, and easy-to-use tools for unprecedented protection and control.

Benefits of Upstream's C4 Platform:
Data-driven real-time cyber threat detection: Upstream’s C4 sits in the automotive cloud, analyzing the communication data between vehicles, mobile applications, and command and control servers. Unlike other connected car cybersecurity solutions, Upstream’s platform is completely agentless and does not require the installation of new software or hardware in the vehicles providing seamless integration with existing automotive data feeds and enabling immediate coverage for vehicles already on the road, in addition to new vehicles.

Normalizes data: Upstream C4 utilizes an industry-wide normalized data model supporting automotive and mobility customers, establishing a universal dictionary that quickly adapts to new customers. The normalized model enables using multiple data feeds and telematics services from disparate sources, versions, and protocols/formats into a single centralized analysis detection layer.

Detects known and unknown threats: Upstream’s C4 is pre-built with an automatic library of policies designed to detect a large range of known attacks, from injection-based attacks and replay attacks all the way to advanced mobility transaction attacks. Unknown threats such as zero-day attacks are detected by building unsupervised multilayered models that describe the normal activity of a single vehicle, vehicle clusters, and the entire mobility service. Our machine learning engines are designed to uncover anomalies that deviate from the normal vehicles or vehicle cluster’s activity.

User-friendly dashboard: Upstream C4’s dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind, making life for the VSOC security analysts as easy as possible. The platform detects incidents in real-time, automatically classifies them for severity and impact, and sends alerts. The system also assesses the overall service risk as well as provides the means to take immediate actions via pre-built integration to third-party SOC solutions.

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