Connected Chain Manager (CCM)

valantic Supply Chain Excellence GmbH

The solution for cross-company collaboration and supply chain visibility

valantic's new Connected Chain Manager (CCM) is a Web-based software as a service (SaaS) platform that uses simple interfaces to connect all partners’ frequently heterogeneous system environments along the entire supply chain.

The CCM can be used by companies of all sizes. Corporate groups, but especially also small and medium-sized companies can use the Connected Chain Manager to connect as many suppliers as desired and thus to visualize the entire supply network with all relevant parameters (e.g. throughput times, BOM information). Thanks to the combination and analysis of this data, companies and participating supply chain partners can achieve transparency that spans levels and companies.

Based on a coordinated structure, the required transaction data, including demand, supply calls, inventories, backlogs, and capacities can be acquired and queried regularly. The information is provided in structured form directly to the Web-based Connected Chain Manager. Depending on the project situation and how critical the situation is, a suitable update interval for the data can be selected – here the bandwidth ranges from several times a day to a weekly notification. This is how companies can cover potential shortfalls and prevent supply bottlenecks proactively.

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