ValueMiner AI Compliance Management Platform

por ValueMiner GmbH

AI platform for compliance management, real-time data storage, and effortless violation detection.

Detect, report, notify and manage contractual obligations violations globally.

Solution Overview

ValueMiner is the all-in-one AI-powered compliance management software platform that empowers you to effectively address and mitigate contractual obligations violations committed by distributors, franchisors, or collaborators contractually bind to your company.

Securely Store Real-Time Data

ValueMiner is the user-friendly and intuitive AI-powered platform designed to keep your data secured while ensuring continuous updates. Key features include:

- Automate handling of official and confidential documents

- Effortlessly break down documents like contracts and brochures into manageable data

- Consolidate all relevant data in one connected and up-to-date location

- Connect complex data through an interactive neural network that adapts to changing conditions

- Make real-time contractual adjustments with ease

Instantly Detect and Report Violations:

ValueMiner is the best-in-class intelligent brand violation detection tool, matched with Microsoft OpenAI services and equipped with adaptable and highly trained capabilities. Key features include:

- Real-time detection of violations across various web platforms

- Identify and flag misinformation in text, images, or videos

- Generate comprehensive, real-time overviews of violations with specific details on type and impact

- Automate risk assessment to prioritise violations based on their impact

- Facilitate communication and collaboration between legal experts and managers

- Automate the whole countermeasure process by condition-based flows, tailored for the client

- Issue warnings and notifications to violators

- Track the effectiveness of countermeasures implemented

The platform has helped clients:

- Increasing detection of violations by up to 10 times per week

- Achieving an 80% reduction in costs

- Cutting down manual workload by 70%

- Significantly reducing the time spent per incident

- Markedly reducing the occurrence of errors.

ValueMiner vision is to create a Compliance Management Ecosystem where we combine our strengths to the benefits of our clients with an ever-evolving world-class solution.

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