ValueMiner AI Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Platform

por ValueMiner GmbH

AI-powered Project Portfolio Management platform that maximizes projects performance and investments

Optimize your Project Portfolio Management, save costs and enhance your results

ValueMiner is the all-in-one AI-powered Project Portfolio Management software platform designed to empower you and your team to efficiently manage projects. Our platform caters to the needs of CIOs, CEOs, and Project Directors by automating processes, streamlining operations, ensuring genuine project portfolio visibility, conducting risk assessments, and amplifying the productivity of project managers.

ValueMiner PPM solution answers the basic and most important questions in dealing with moving your company from A to B:

1. What should I do? - Compose a portfolio that has an impact on your business strategy or overall performance.

2. What can I afford? - Embed constraints, interdependencies and strategic priorities in every step.

3. Where do I stand? - Transparency at your finger tips and the certainty to realize every investments with maximized impact.

Transform your decision-making process with real-time project portfolio overview

Gain unparalleled visibility and alignment on existing and new projects at the push of a button with the ValueMiner platform. Predict project issues and plan actions before they become critical. Foster higher project managers engagement, productivity, and commitment. Key features include:

  • Get comprehensive overview of all projects at a glance

  • Create your intuitive strategy map through an interactive neural network that adapts to changing conditions

  • Set KPIs, Targets and deadlines

  • Visualize interdependencies and project contributions transparently

  • Identify gaps from actual and target values

  • Rank and prioritize projects in accordance with their importance, urgency, impact

  • Have transparency on what resources and capabilities are available

Maximize performance with real-time insights

Stay always ahead of the game with ValueMiner´s reports and analysis. Benefit from the powerful ValueMiner AI algorithms coupled with the Microsoft OpenAI services and enjoy having a Smart Portfolio Assistant. Key features include:

  • Follow progress in real-time

  • Compare your projects in strategic value

  • Utilize data to proactively stay ahead of challenges and issues

  • Analyze the impact of potential scenario changes in real-time

  • Adapt the view of reports to drill down into specific results

  • Effortlessly export your analysis

ValueMiner vision is to create a Project Portfolio Management Ecosystem where we combine our strengths to the benefit of our clients with an ever evolving world class solution.

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