Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams


Turns Verizon Wireless device into a Teams endpoint for a Teams mobile experience via native dialer

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams keeps your mobile workforce connected across devices and networks. Enable flexible calling and collaboration, from anywhere.

  • One phone number: Make and receive calls from your smartphone's native dialer or Teams endpoints using a single business-owned phone number across multiple devices
  • Calls that just work: Stay productive anywhere, across devices and networks. Seamless call transfer allows you to move between devices and Teams endpoints without dropping calls.
  • The power of Teams: Uplift native mobile calls to Teams for greater collaboration by adding others, sharing screens and leveraging the power of video.
  • Unified and integrated collaboration and communication tools: Increase productivity with a centralized view of all business communications.
  • Security and compliance across mobile devices: Keep mobile communications secure and compliant with company policies.

Empowering a mobile-first workforce: For many organizations, a key to staying productive and competitive is providing the flexibility to work from anywhere. Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams equips your users with:

  • Enterprise-grade connectivity, resiliency and network quality, delivered by a trusted provider
  • A full Teams experience with the ability to uplift calls to Teams on any type of device (laptop, tablet, desk phone or mobile phone), creating valuable opportunities to collaborate from anywhere—all via a single business number
  • The ability to add video, share content, record, invite new participants and more
  • True mobile integration with user access to combined call history, unified voice mail and presence fidelity across Teams and native mobile devices

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