Policy Manager

por Voco

Policy Change Management, Policy Review & Acceptance and Policy Compliance Reporting

Keeping your internal policies and procedures up to date is critical to compliance, but the manual intensity of the process can make it challenging to meet requirements
Outdated policies can expose your organisation to risk. Old policies may fail to comply with new laws and regulations, and they may not address new systems or technologies.

Common challenges associated with compliance include:

  • User experience: frustration with inconsistent manual processes and/or key information that is hard to find.
  • Productivity and cost: the expense to maintain manual systems due to per-person effort.
  • Compliance and risk: incomplete compliance due to inefficient methods to update, review, and accept policies. This can result in significant organisational risk and potential personal liability for directors.

Policy Manager focuses on three simple processes, with standard features provided for each:

1) Policy Change Management​ - manage policy updates more efficiently with:

  • a dashboard view that highlights changes
  • change control
  • reviews and approvals
  • automated publishing of new / updated policies
  • policies tagged by application i.e. department, role type, etc.

2) Policy Review & Acceptance - make compliance easier with:

  • a dashboard view that highlights review and acceptance status
  • automatic notifications to review via email and MS Teams
  • notifications based on deadlines for policy review – to users and managers
  • targeted policies based on department and role
  • automated requests to review based on elapsed time or updated version of policy

3) Policy Compliance Reporting - have visibility of compliance via:

  • a reporting dashboard
  • dynamic audit reports
  • compliance tracking at an organisation, department, individual, and per policy level
  • notifications to review based on department performance
  • notifications based on policy review period.

Policy Manager is a key application in Voco's suite of digital services.

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