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Big Brain Chabot

Volume Ltd

AI-enabled chatbot solution for all industries, powered by Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services

AI-enabled chatbot solution for all industries, powered by Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services. The chatbot empowers the business to automate the answers to the most frequently asked questions, whilst delivering a next-generation user experience The Big Brain Chatbot gives its users, customers, partners or employees the ability to receive relevant information and support at the point of need: Whenever - 24/7, 365 days a year Wherever – in the world Whatever – the language and communication style Whichever - communication channel, e.g. website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (and – via voice or text.) The Big Brain Chatbot integrates seamlessly with Microsoft LUIS and leverages a range of additional MS Azure and Cognitive services. Key Features · Custom speech · Neural text-to-speech · Long and short-term memory · User sentiment analysis · Text analytics · Human-in-the-loop (i.e. bring a live human agent into the conversation at point of need to assist with the most complex queries and complaint resolution) · Multilingual · Omnichannel · Bespoke system integration Example applications include: · Customer service · Customer acquisition · Lead/product qualification · Customer/product feedback · HR support · Training · Advice · Event sign-up · FAQs The Big Brain Chatbot drives the following benefits: · Increase customer satisfaction scores by providing users with relevant information · Increases overall website/brand engagement · Lowers cost to serve information by up to 30% · Maxmises overall team productivity by moving human agents to higher value-add interactions