VoyagerAnalytics - One Year License - Tier 1

por Voyager Labs

One year license for VoyagerAnalytics software platform.

One year license for VoyagerAnalytics software platform.

This is for a one year license for VoyagerAnalytics software platform, with pricing as follows:

Tier 1: $60,0000 (up to 3 users and 450 queries)

Tier 2: $95,000 (up to 10 users and 2,500 queries)

Tier 3: $140,000 (up to 10 users and 4,800 queries)

Tier 4: $200,000 (up to 10 users and 9,000 queries)

VoyagerAnalytics is an AI-driven in-depth analysis platform. It enables analysts to conduct deep-dive investigations on individuals, groups and topics in a completely anonymous environment. The platform enables clients to derive actionable insights from the vast and growing ocean of publicly available unstructured data. VoyagerAnalytics applies machine learning, natural language understanding and augmented analytics to compress weeks of painstaking data gathering and analysis into minutes.

Main Benefits:

· Uncover hidden insights that were previously unattainable (even with months of work and an army of analysts)

· Reduce time to conduct data research and analysis from days to minutes

· Generate new leads from minimal inputs

· Automatically find and focus on what matters (reduce human error & ‘false trails’)

· Build stronger, more comprehensive case evidence

Use Cases:

1. National security and law enforcement criminal Investigations in areas such as:

- Human Trafficking

- Internet Crimes Against Children

- Gangs & Organized Crime

- Homicides

- Terrorism

- Illicit Narcotics

- Fraud

2. Events safety monitoring

3. Risk mitigation and personnel vetting (KYC, KYE, etc.)

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