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MetaShare - Document Management for Office 365

MetaShare® is an app for document management in Microsoft Office 365, together with OneDrive, Teams, Office Groups and SharePoint. MetaShare simplifies document management in Office 365 and increases the operational efficiency for the organization.

With MetaShare you will:

  • Save time and money when implementing and managing document management for your organization
  • Increase efficiency with smart document management functions and an intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Reduce risks for your organization by gaining control over document structures and end-user permissions/access

Using MetaShare and its various document management features increase efficiency because it is:

  • Easy to find documents by filtering on multiple predefined metadata filters
  • Easy to collaborate with your peers in workspaces that are homogenously structured
  • Easy to use SharePoint’s document management features
  • Easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the users’ context
  • Easy to create documents using our unique “suggested templates” feature, where metadata also is applied to documents when they are created

MetaShare applies a homogeneous metadata structure and document management settings in Office 365. You will have full control managing your document in Office 365.

  • Workspaces do not need to be configured manually, since MetaShare homogenously applies document-settings, -filters and -views across all workspaces of a certain configuration
  • Administrators can with MetaShare’s intuitive user-friendly configuration interface, easily configure one or more document management configurations, with minimum SharePoint infrastructure knowledge
  • Increase information security, document-confidentiality and reassurance that you are always compliant with regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards

MetaShare as a service in your Office 365

  • Cost per user and month - easy to increase or decrease the number of users
  • No lock-in effects - 1 month notice period
  • The documents are not stored in MetaShare, but in Office 365/SharePoint. If uninstalling MetaShare, all documents, metadata, and document settings are still kept in Office 365/SharePoint, which is a strength considering information security