Whirla Smart Office


IoT platform for managing hot desk offices.

Whirla Smart Office solution supports hotdesk operation and management processes in the flexible office spaces. System is based on 3 components: • Whirla BLE modules - modules equipped with sensors that communicate with smartphones. Installed underneath the tabletops, they connect the desks to the internet. • Mobile application - allows for booking and previewing the availability of desks in flexible workspaces in real-time. • Admin panel - enables managing the system, and gives the office manager the access to data regarding the use of office space. Analytics include determining the time of occupation of individual workplaces and proposals for space optimization. The system is designed to optimize costs related to office maintenance and increase the efficiency of the flexible workspace system. Users can book the desks via mobile application. Upon arrival at the office, the booking is confirmed automatically. The administrative panel contains all the statistics on the use of whole office space and individual desks. Thanks to the analysis of collected data, space operators can monitor the space occupancy and make decisions regarding office work on a daily basis.
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