WillowRail - The Integrated Rail Asset Management Solution

Driving digital transformation across the Rail industry

WillowRail is an innovative integrated rail asset management platform that integrates disparate rail systems into one data-driven solution for owners, operators, engineers and maintenance staff. By integrating isolated systems from multiple operational elements into one interface, WillowRail creates a single view of network performance, compliance and maintenance status, and is capable of delivering deep insights to owners and operators. WillowRail allows the combination, organisation and management of static, spatial and live data for all rail assets, creating a data-driven digital rail network. Rail owners and operators are empowered through advanced technology to maintain the highest availability standards across light, heavy and commuter rail networks.

WillowRail was established as a joint venture between Willow and Strukton Rail embedding Strukton’s 100 years of rail domain knowledge and Willow’s technology expertise to create a powerful platform that provides the capability for robust, actionable insights and predictive maintenance for decision makers in the rail industry.

WillowRail is the interface for the rail industry providing an intuitive, seamless and secure platform to harness the power of the Intelligent Cloud and the Intelligent Edge.



Agnostic Ecosystem

In-house data and tools are converged to create a single, seamless and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation, all assets are liberated to co-contribute to a dynamic, integrated network platform.

Efficient Maintenance

The WillowRail solution integrates asset condition monitoring data to detect and forecast failures. This reduces reactive maintenance and the high associated costs by up to 20%. WillowRail’s analytical engine enables the progression from preventative to predictive maintenance to optimise the lifespan of network assets.

Towards 100% Availability

The complementing combination of cutting-edge platform technology and the high level of rail industry knowledge increases network availability up to 99.9+%.

Target Industries

Rail: Heavy Haul, Light Rail, Metro

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