法規雲 Intelligent Legal Compliance Platform

por 威煦軟體開發有限公司

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Featuring all the essential elements of a quality law management solution.

Integrate global regulatory data with auto-detection to monitor compliance risk. Easily fit supply chain requirements and audition at once.  All scales of enterprises across nations can simplify the regulatory process through systematization.​

Minimum standard that enterprises must comply with, and the key request of the government, international verification, and customers, provide a clear view of all regulatory performance and requirements.


  • AI for Judging and Pushing Notification of High-Risk Laws globally.
  • Assistance for Implementing Effective Identification Process and Overall Management.
  • Analysis and Warning: High-Risk Tasks.
  • Consistent EHS Thematic Scope-all countries.
  • Global Coverage-Legal and Local regulation globally.

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