Workseed SaaS

Workseed Ltd

Cloud based learning management solution for vocational and professional education

Workseed is a SaaS application for vocational educators to modernize education programs. The solution is targeted to vocational institutes, colleges and universities.

Workseed offers an easy way to deploy and manage competency-based education model (includes support for national curriculums). It helps to plan individual learning paths for learners and to reduce teachers’ administrative routines even up to 4 hours per week.

Teachers thank Workseed for providing more visibility to students' progress during their workplace training. The solution helps work life to bring up educators the future training needs.

The solution has been developed with the leading Finnish pedagogical VET experts and it can be used in all education fields including health care, automotive, logistics, building and construction etc.

Workseed can be fully integrated with the client organization's ADFS proving seamless single sign-on.

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