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10 Free Video Interviews

Register with without a credit card and schedule up to 10 video interviews free .


- Cloud Expert Pool - We are the first to market, creating a tool that allows hiring manager to connect with SME out side of the organization based on demand.

- Video Proctoring

- Proctor the candidate while taking video assessment .

- Credentialed Question Paper

- Ready to use assessment paper created by credentialed subject matter experts.

- Activity Capture - Capture candidate activity during online assessment to avoid falsifying and bait and switch activity

- Analytics

- Candidate Emotional and Behavioral Analysis BUSINESS AUDIENCE

- Recruiters who are hiring qualified talents - Candidate who want to take video based live / Self assessment interview

- Subject matter experts who want to be part of expert pool participate in interview process and earn in free time TARGET INDUSTRY

- Technology Hiring Industry

- Staffing

- Security

- Education

- Healthcare

- Insurance

- Finance

- Pharmaceutical

- Retail

- Hospitality

- Manufacturing

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