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An eDiscovery solution that bundles over three decades of development, innovation and expertise.

An eDiscovery solution that bundles over three decades of development, innovation and expertise: ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery. Our highly automated end-to-end eDiscovery software solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science tools to accelerate truth-finding missions along the typical dimensions: Who, When, Where, Why, What, How and How Much. Due to the current digital revolution, companies of all sizes are facing a tremendous growth in the use of digital media, humans and organizations alike leave digital footprints in more and more places. This situation leads to information requests which results in high cost, an increased legal exposure as well as potential corporate reputational damage. Therefore companies have to be prepared and organized to do fact finding at any point of time because waiting for a crisis and undergoing excessive damage is not an option. That is exactly where ZyLAB brings added value to your organization by supporting you in fact finding and answering critical questions. ZyLAB’s eDiscovery solution uses smart and innovative technology to deal with increasing volumes of information and helping you to keep your processes, workload and budgets manageable. ZyLAB’s mission is to help in managing Cost, Accuracy, Speed and Efficiency in creating legally defensible cases.


  • With ZyLAB’s Direct Collecting you can save tremendously in time to get data ready for early case assessment and (first) pass review. Direct Collection drastically reduces the cost and risks of downloading / uploading data or the shipping around of tapes and hard disks
  • ZyLAB’s Deep Processing allows you to automatically reduce your data volumes before you send them on for review, without getting in trouble or being accused of data spoliation.
  • Using ZyLAB’s Review Accelerators you can minimize the most expensive and time consuming part of the eDiscovery process including auto-redaction and -pseudonymizsation for GDPR compliance, but also topic modeling and machine-learning based search.
  • Litigants use ZyLAB’s Early Case Assessment to quickly understand the facts and merits of a case, identify key custodians and recognize critical information so they can develop an effective and realistic litigation strategy.

ZyLAB’s eDiscovery is used in litigation & arbitration, but also for answering regulatory requests, internal investigations, handling public records requests, FOIA and preparation of Virtual Data Room in large corporate transactions. Target Audience includes governmental agencies, law firms and companies of any size. (Addressing the following personas: IT Decision maker, IT expert, Project manager, Legal decision maker, Legal expert)

ZyLAB ONE runs on Azure as a SaaS offering. It supports integration with Office365 and uses Azure translation services as well as multiple Azure services for operations and security. ZyLAB ONE language is English.

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