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IPRO LEGAL HOLD - Improve compliance and reduce time spent managing legal holds.

Simplify managing your legal holds. IPRO LEGAL HOLD helps you ease the burden of legal hold in a defensible way and improves your ability to identify critical data.

IPRO LEGAL HOLD protects data that is potentially relevant to an investigation from being lost, modified, or overlooked. Our custom, reusable, and traceable legal hold notices and reminders can be distributed internally to specify the custodians. Leveraging our ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery platform allows you to follow a defensible methodology to copy and preserve the potentially responsive data to a dedicated litigation server and thereby minimize disruptions to operations.

IPRO LEGAL HOLD can maintain hold notifications for the matters. Multiple matters can be created and for each matter, templates can be defined for legal hold notifications, reminders and lifts. Details of potential custodians (subjects) can be imported from Azure Active Directory. For each matter multiple hold notifications can be defined, managed, executed and tracked. Users will receive hold notifications with the relevant information and can accept the hold notification to confirm that they have seen and understood the notification. If needed, reminders can be sent to the subjects to keep them informed about their hold responsibilities.

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