Employee Portals & Onboarding Automation:3-Wk Impl


Onboarding, Training & Retaining Employees With Improved Microsoft 365 Employee Experiences

In this 3 week implementation engage with employee experiences that improve employee outcomes via Insights, Learning, Topics, Goals and Connections. Establish and automate employee portals for preboarding, organizational onboarding, departmental onboarding and more.

Our team of Microsoft 365 and employee experience experts will: ○ Provide educational overviews of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva Employee Experience capabilities as they relate to onboarding, training, and supporting growing staff. § Microsoft Viva Insights □ How can you track employee networks, management patterns, how employees collaborate and nudge or improve how they work? § Microsoft Viva Learning □ How can you enable employees to embrace socialized, sharable, and integrated training from where they already work? § Microsoft Viva Topics □ How can you enable employees to connect and access the data, experts and insights you need when the organization is changing and evolving so rapidly? § Microsoft Viva Connections □ How do you create compelling and integrated experiences from HRIS integration with Workday to employee portals in Microsoft Teams? ○ Explore and improve your onboarding processes by providing expert guidance or by helping establish: § Important audiences like new employee hires and how to target and personalize navigation, rollups and more for them. § A preboarding or pre-hire Extranet experience that helps your organization stand out in a competitive labour market. § An organizational onboarding experience, site, or portal. § Departmental onboarding experiences, sites or portals. § Power Automate and/or Power App based onboarding solutions for onboarding, offboarding, transfers and more.

Customized implementation plans are available for purchase.

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