Microsoft Syntex Workshop


Discover how Syntex helps organizations improve decision making, accelerate processes, and dynamically apply information protection and compliance policies

Welcome to the Microsoft Syntex...

Business runs on content - contracts, invoices, designs, legal documents, images, training videos and more. Much of this tends to be unstructured or in siloed repositories, leaving gaps in classification and organization and making it challenging to use content at scale, effectively.

Syntex integrates content seamlessly into collaboration and workflows – turning content from a cost, into an advantage. It automatically reads, tags and indexes high volumes of content and connects it where it’s needed – in search, applications, and as reusable knowledge. And it manages your content throughout its lifecycle, with robust analytics, security and automated retention.

Discover how Microsoft Syntex can helps you enhance, manage, and connect your content at scale. A three phase engagement that provides an overview of the Art of the Possible, and deep dives into Microsoft Syntex.

“Learn how Microsoft Syntex puts people at the center, with content seamlessly integrated into collaboration and workflows.

Microsoft Syntex capabilities include:

  • Enhance: Understand and assemble content with AI powered summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotations integrated into Microsoft 365 and Teams.
  • Connect: Discover and reuse content with AI powered search, eSignature and integration into business workflows like contracts and invoice management.
  • Manage: Analyze and protect content through its lifecycle with AI powered security and compliance, backup/restore and advanced content management.

Workshop objectives:

  • Envisioning the possibilities and efficiently realize customer opportunities
  • Facilitate more productive customer conversations
  • Provide recommendations to address customer needs for Content AI and employee experience 
  • Plan for PoC or deployment along with adoption services

*For the best experience and impact, key business decision makers and IT professionals must be present.

*Prices vary based on the company´s size.

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