Avanade Microsoft 365 Copilot Information Management 4 wk Imp. FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Avanade Microsoft 365 Copilot Information Management Accelerator ensures your data meets high standards of security, privacy and compliance so you can confidently unlock Copilot's full potential.

The benefits of using Microsoft 365 Copilot are undeniable: it can help you discover, analyze, and manage your data across your organization, empowering your employees to collaborate more effectively and securely. But to get the most out of Copilot, you need to ensure that your data and content is secure and compliant.

Avanade’s Microsoft 365 Copilot Information Management Accelerator will help you get there faster. In just four weeks, our team of workplace advisory, technology, data and security experts will help you assess your SharePoint data governance and management processes, identify potential risks and provide recommendations for a governance model that will help ensure you can use Copilot without compromising your data security. We'll also guide you on setting up the right security and compliance controls, system connectors and information architecture, so that you can optimize your data discovery and management capabilities with Copilot.

Our assessment will recommend policies and remediations for:

• Microsoft 365 Data Governance & Security

• Restricted Access Controls for Microsoft 365

• Sites with overshared or sensitive content

• DLP and Retention Policies

• Sensitivity Labels & Expiration Policies

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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