Dynamics 365 Sales: 10-Day Rapid Implementation


Get started with Dynamics 365 Sales in just 10 days with our Rapid Deployment Package.

Looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales quickly without a long and time-consuming implementation process?

We have leveraged our extensive experience to pre-build a Rapid Deployment Package for Dynamics 365 Sales that can provide your sales force with all the essential functionalities they need to become a powerful engine driving the business growth in just 10 days.

Your CRM in 10 Days:

1. One legal entity, organization logo and theme.
2. Setup of Sandbox and Production instances.
3. System defaults like Fiscal Year, Currency etc.
4. Email setup.
5. Master upload up to 20k records - Accounts, Contacts and Address
6. Product and Product group setup up to 1k SKUs
7. Pricelist setup up to 2 counts
8. Custom field creation up to 30 across the default entities.
9. Validation on fields up to 15 count across the default entities.
10. Sales organization setup, up to 20 users.
11. Business workflows, approvals and alerts up to 5 counts.
12. Standard out of the box reports + 1 Power BI dashboard.
13. Customer Quote, Order and Invoice Print reports.

High level timeline:

1. Environment setup – 1 day
2. Configuration of the standard sales flow – 2 days
3. Data template creation and migration of masters – 3 days
4. Business workflow, approval flows, field level customization, reports development – 2 days
5. Testing – 1 day
6. User training – 1 day
7. Go LIVE – 11th day

  Benefits of our Rapid Deployment Package:

1. Quick deployment of standard sales processes.
2. Very cost effective - 70% cost saving in implementation.
3. Easily define the standard sales cycle for your sales force.
4. Start engaging with your customers from day 11.
5. See the sales performance through the lens of dashboards.
6. Further customization can be done parallelly while the system is operational.

In Dynamics 365 Sales, the standard sales process involves several stages, at a high level it includes qualifying, developing, proposing, and closing opportunities. The first step in qualifying is when a user determines that the lead is interested in the solution. Once a lead is qualified, it is converted into an opportunity. During the development stage, users identify stakeholders, competitors, and sales team comes up with a proposed solution of revised quote. It's then time for sales team to present their proposal to potential customers. Finally, in the closing stage, the proposal is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, closing an opportunity can include filling orders and fulfilling the orders.

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