Passwordless Authentication: 2 Week Implementation


Implement passwordless authentication solutions for up to twenty pilot users

Passwords alone are insecure and lead to user frustration in complex password policy scenarios. Windows Hello for Business/FIDO2 passwordless authentication is a solution that enables organizations to replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication on Windows 10/11 devices. Windows Hello for Business uses biometric or PIN gestures to verify users’ identities while FIDO2 security keys leverage a physical hardware token in possession of the user to grant access to protected resources. Passwordless authentication has several benefits for organizations, such as:

-Improving security by reducing the risk of password breaches, phishing attacks, and replay attacks. -Enhancing user experience by simplifying and speeding up the sign-in process. -Supporting compliance with regulatory standards that require multifactor authentication. -Leveraging existing infrastructure and identity providers, such as Microsoft, Active Directory, and FIDO v2.0.

AHEAD offers a Microsoft passwordless authentication solution leveraging a customers existing investment in Microsoft technologies, with expert technical consultants guiding your organization through the deployment planning, user adoption and awareness training and execution process. Pilot solutions deployed include Windows Hello for Business and EntraID passwordless authentication for up to twenty pilot users in production. Enablement of FIDO2 hardware tokens is an optional add-on.

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