Digital Champions as a Service: 12-month Workshop

Changing Social LTD

During this 12 month programme we create a group of highly informed specialists on all things Microsoft 365 who can sustain your organisation’s learning

Our Digital Champions programme is delivered purely online through Teams giving your people access to the most up-to-date Microsoft learning resources, in a managed community environment.

We use Microsoft technology to train people on Microsoft technology, providing growth and knowledgeability from the start.

With the ability to scale to meet the needs of your organisation, regardless of size, our Digital Champions community is designed to give both beginner and intermediate users more in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microsoft 365, and the confidence to share their newly found skills with their peers.

In doing so, we create a group of highly informed specialists on all things Microsoft 365 who can sustain your organisation’s learning well beyond the scope of the deployment project.

Not only are we experts in everything Microsoft, we’re ambassadors for the products by using them to create an environment that our champions can thrive in.

We provide:

• An Adoption Microsoft 365 Specialist and Product Expert to support your champions along their journey.

• Our on-demand learning resources are delivered through Microsoft Learning Pathways so you’ll always be using the latest in Microsoft technologies and learning about new features and functionality as they’re introduced. Our tech is evergreen, and so is your learning.

• We use the very latest in Microsoft technology by building our programme on the very platform that we’re educating our champions on. Using the Power App capabilities means there’s no downtime, interruptions or maintenance – it’s all in the cloud.

• The technical knowledge - we arm your champions with the skills to lead and inspire their peers, taking them on the journey together.

Digital Champions are a vital asset in a change managers toolkit. They harness the drive and desire of people who want to help shape the future of their organisation and support their colleagues through change.

Services to be Provided by Changing Social:

• Kicking off the programme • Challenges and Quiz App​​ • Campaigns including: Accessibility, Knowledge and Growth Meetings and events, Communications, Files and Collaboration, Automation and Streamlining business processes. • Training Content • Engaging Communications​ • Technology Badges & Gamification​ • Daily Community Management​ • Analytics & Reporting ​ • 18 Instructor-led webinars​ • Find a Champ App​ • Q&A BOT​ • The Admin Portal

Services Dates:

• Month 0: Programme Kick off • Month 0: Planning workshop • Month 0: Technical Set up • Month 0: Recruitment campaign • Month 0: Onboarding • Month 1: Digital Champions welcome webinar • Month 1-3: Campaign 1 • Month 4-7: Campaign 2 • Month 7-9: Campaign 3 • Month 10-12: Campaign 4 • Month 1- till end date: Review meeting

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