Data Automation: 1-Wk Workshop

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Analysis and data refresh automation for an existing Microsoft Power BI report or dashboard to ensure the data is always up-to-date.

This 1-week engagement is to ensure that your Power BI dashboard always shows fresh data.

First, we analyze the existing process for loading source data, then we provide the setup of the Power BI components for an automated data refresh process.

The process will run on a scheduled time basis or by direct query into the data source accordingly to business needs and most effective technical architecture (we prefer to automate based on Azure, OneDrive or Office components like Excel, but will help with any data source supported by Power BI).


Day 1 & 2

Current state analysis of data architecture, business process and data sources for your Power BI solution including the desired schedule for an automated process.

Day 3 & 4

Design and implementation of the automated process of data refresh in your Power BI environment.

Day 5

Testing and fine tuning of the configuration, hands-on workshop for future administrators.


  • Dynamic, always fresh Power BI report or dashboard .
  • Configurable data refresh process working based on desired schedule.


  • As an extension of the implementation we offer an extended service of continuous remote monitoring of your Power BI dashboard done on a daily basis with a range of automated and manual checks.
  • When possible, we will fix issues overnight, which will ensure high availability of your Power BI dashboard and continuous high quality data refresh.

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