Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Week Assessment.

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Elevate your business efficiency by adopting Azure Virtual Desktop, facilitating remote access to critical tools and boosting collaboration across your teams.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, empowering your workforce with secure, flexible, and collaborative digital environments is paramount. As a seasoned professional leading technological innovation within your organization, you understand the pivotal role that technology plays in driving efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, success. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – Microsoft's comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to revolutionize how organizations deliver desktops and applications to their employees, irrespective of their geographical location or choice of device.

In embracing AVD, organizations like yours stand to gain a myriad of benefits, each strategically aligned with your overarching business objectives:

  1. Cost Optimization and Simplified Management: AVD streamlines the deployment and management of virtual desktops and applications, effectively reducing operational complexities while optimizing resource utilization within the Azure ecosystem. This translates to tangible cost savings and a more efficient IT infrastructure.

  2. Robust Security and Compliance: Leveraging Azure's robust suite of security features and compliance standards, AVD ensures the highest level of data protection and regulatory adherence. From Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, your organization's digital assets remain safeguarded across devices and networks, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders.

  3. Enhanced User Experience and Productivity: With AVD, user experience takes center stage. Employees enjoy a seamless, high-performance interface across a diverse range of devices, from Windows to Mac, iOS to Android, and beyond. Integration with Microsoft 365 applications and peripherals further enhances productivity, facilitating frictionless collaboration and communication through platforms like Microsoft Teams.

The true power of AVD lies not just in its capabilities, but in its seamless integration with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem. As you embark on your journey with AVD, our professional services team stands ready to support you every step of the way. Whether you're looking to initiate your AVD deployment or seeking to extend its utilization within your existing infrastructure, our experts possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.


This advisory assessment consists of 3 x 1-hour sessions delivered within a 1-week timeframe:

  • SESSION 1: Initial discovery call to understand requirements and gather a view of the existing on-premise and public cloud landscape.
  • SESSION 2: Detailed overview of Microsoft AVD in the broader context of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and define one or more possible end states to meet business requirements.
  • SESSION 3: Share the high-level topology, with estimated deployment timelines and costs, and agree on next steps.

Unlock the Full Potential of Azure Virtual Desktop Today with NTT DATA

As a leader at the forefront of technological innovation, your decision to embrace Azure Virtual Desktop is more than just an investment in software – it's an investment in the future of your organization. By empowering your workforce with secure, flexible, and collaborative digital environments, you're laying the foundation for sustained growth and success in an increasingly digital world. In laying the groundwork for your organization's digital transformation journey, partnering with a trusted advisor becomes imperative. With decades-long experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, NTT DATA has cultivated a longstanding relationship with Microsoft, positioning us as pioneers in remote computing solutions – from the nascent days of Terminal Services to the cutting-edge cloud-based solutions available today. NTT DATA's journey alongside Microsoft has equipped us with unparalleled insights and expertise, particularly in the realm of AVD solutions and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have successfully deployed and supported AVD implementations for clients spanning various sectors, reaffirming our position as industry leaders in the field.

  • Achieved Microsoft's AVD advanced specialization, a credential awarded to partners who demonstrate competency in delivering and supporting AVD solutions.
  • Extensive experience in delivering Microsoft AVD and partner solutions, whether on-premise, hybrid or cloud-only.
  • We understand how to position the best technology fit for our customer's requirements, from the need to provide centrally managed environments for school/university labs to the unique requirements of a contact center.
  • Comprehensive managed services for Microsoft AVD.

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