Modernise your Intranet: 2/12 Month Implementation

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We’ve designed Modernise your Intranet to unpack the state of your intranet and guide you to transition your intranet to SharePoint Online as the first step to implementing Viva Connections

Your new modern intranet, built on SharePoint Online and Viva Connections will give you a modern, exciting and innovative digital home that staff return to throughout the day to work, connect and engage – built on evergreen cloud features that will continue to improve over time, with secure access from any device.

To support you on this journey, we recommend adopting a 4-phase approach:

Phase 1: Discovery and Design

    We recommend starting the project with several joint discovery, and design validation activities to set a clear vision and work together to refine requirements for a solution that will impress your team.

Phase 2: Build and Configure

    With a clear plan from the Design and Discovery phase, we will implement the new modern solution. We expect to be able to meet your requirements using out of the box and / or community features.

Phase 3: User Testing and Content Preparation

    With the solution now built in your environment, we start to prepare for launch. We will work closely with your team to undertake a UAT period. In conjunction with UAT, we will train your teams to create great content.

Phase 4: Launch

    With your system fully tested, bugs fixed and content ready to go, your intranet will be ready to launch. We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth transition, training your admin team, and support launch ACM activities.

Depending on your needs, we can complete this engagement over a period of 2-12 months.

We’ll work with you to develop a more detailed timeline, including mapping key stakeholders who we will need to engage as part of our project.

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