ServiceNow Teams Integration: 4-wk Implementation

Habanero Consulting Inc.

The ServiceNow Teams Integration is an agile engagement created to quickly envision, prototype, deploy and test ServiceNow Virtual Agent and module specific integrations in Teams.


The ServiceNow Teams Integration is an agile engagement created to envision, prototype, deploy and test enablement and configuration of ServiceNow Teams integrations. Habanero helps evaluate your environment and organizational readiness to maximize your licensing and opportunities to optimize experiences in Teams.

What's included:

Kick-off and collaboration requirements workshop

  • Review the current Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow environments
  • Map out the opportunity for integration and configuration
  • Understand the business goals and end-user objectives for integrations

Integration approach

  • Define the solution architecture, integration and configuration scope
  • Evaluate options for better end-user experiences in Teams
  • Review the approach with stakeholders and representative end-users

Base enablement and configuration

  • Enable Virtual Agent app and ITSM and/or HRSD integration and configure prototype
  • Deploy into a test environment and address integration needs
  • Share system configuration requirements

Test and iterate

  • Review release amongst key stakeholders
  • Usability test enablement and configuration with representative end-users
  • Incorporate feedback and review the effort required to complete the integration and configuration prior to launching the production solution

Cost and duration

The base cost is $20,000 USD; some organizations may qualify for Microsoft funding.

Key outcomes and deliverables:

  • Enable foundational self-service with ServiceNow always-on Virtual Agent and embedded employee dashboard in Teams
  • Enhanced sync between Teams and ServiceNow for agent-to-agent and agent-to-employee communication on tickets

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