Business Central Currency: 1-Hr Assessment

Harwood Consulting, Inc.

Harwood Consulting will assess your Multicurrency readiness in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, interview you and show an example of currencies, exchange rates, and automating their update.


  • Remotely meet with key team member(s) to discuss internal foreign currency processes and requirements
  • Show Multicurrency in Dynamics 365 Business Central to showcase a solution to the above requirements
  • Identify future steps for success


  • Deliver a summary of why Multicurrency in Dynamics 365 Business Central is beneficial or not for your organization


Harwood Consulting, Inc., “Giving you time to do more business”, has been providing companies like yours with tailored business management resource solutions for accounting, ERP, human resources and payroll, fixed assets management, contact management, warehouse management, and manufacturing since 1991.

In short, since we’ve been a Certified Navision Solutions Center since 1997, we have extensive experience helping customers like you with Dynamics 365 Business Central since it’s using the same code base that we’ve been working with for over 20 years!

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