EXP_Viva_Goals: 5-Wk Proof of Concept


Viva Goals Consulting Services

We are offering consulting services around OKR maturity assessment, OKR Coaching, Full OKR methodology and technology implementation, Pilot project and OKR Trainings and Workshops. We believe OKR's are both a gate keeper and roadmap for a successful strategy implementation. To ensure the successful achievement of long term vision and strategy, development of right OKR's, governance of the system and getting the right support from technology is the key for success. Hence we are a company to successful deliver a full scale OKR implementation and support you with the change process in time. We have a team of change management consultants in our team which will support you both during and after the project. Microsoft Viva Goals enrich how people and teams come together to set goals and objectives, build alignment and achieve better business outcomes. With the support of Viva Goals and our consulting sessions, we will help you understand and implement OKRs properly and enhance the clarity of your goals.

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