HCLTech Reusable Application Development Acceleration Framework for Microsoft Teams: 1-day Workshop

HCL Technologies Limited.

RADIFT, is a reusable application development acceleration framework for Microsoft Teams. It comprises of application development APIs, HCLTech IP Solutions, and test and validation components.

Note: Workshop duration and cost will depend on customer requirements

HCLTech’s RADIFT adds momentum to Microsoft Teams application development through automation, integration, tests, and validation. It comes with a unique blend of components and reusable libraries, with 80% readily available codes and 10–20% customizations as per the client’s need.

RADIFT is capable of rapidly delivering business value through quick Microsoft Teams application development, achieving technological excellence by leveraging application development API’s, functional, security, and accessibility testing, along with our expert HCL IP Solutions.

HCLTech’s scalable and secure solution provide developers with the following API’s and application development features that they need to develop any Teams Application:

  • User Single Sign-On- Auth Connectors
  • Mass Communication- Emails/Notification 
  • Service Now, ICM, Remedy- Chat/VoiceBots
  • Workflows Creation- Power Automation VA
  • Dashboards- PowerBI reports
  • Project Planning/Work Order Creation- ADO/VSO Connector
  • Scan to Read- QR Code Scan
  • OCR- Image Processing AR-VR
  • Data exchange and communication- NFC

Business benefits of the solution include.

  • Standardized and simplified business focused application development that gives a 10-15% cost optimization. 
  • Functional, Security & Accessibility testing ensured compliance and met inclusivity requirements.
  • Automated software development, testing, and implementation to gain a first-mover advantage
  • Full-scale and rigorous application development processes for accurate, low-error results.
  • Accelerated application development process with Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform for the development of multiple APIs and apps.

Furthermore, HCLTechs' RADIFT framework accelerates the application development process, considering Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform for the development of multiple APIs and applications and the integration of native device capabilities like the camera, QR or barcode scanner, NFC, etc., therefore aligning with the organizational goals of collaboration and communication, integrating necessary services, and having on-the-go accessibility.

This discovery workshop will help business and developers to understand the benefits that our accelerated solution can bring to their organization

Format: 1 day workshop, delivered remotely Agenda items (customizable):

  1. Business Scenario and Objective
  2. HCL Offerings and capabilities
  3. Discussion and next steps

Target audience: IT leaders, SMEs, Senior leaders and Developers

HCLTech is a recognized leader for managed workplace solutions with extensive experience of delivering Workplace solutions to enterprise customers across all regions and industries. The HCLTech Microsoft Business unit combines HCLTech’s specialized services and global reach with Microsoft’s powerful cloud and business technologies, creating strong and unique offerings for clients.

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