Digital Workplace for leaders: 3-wk Implementation


Improve the quality of key leader's conversations by empowering Microsoft 365 with Delibera

Leaders are challenged to dramatically transform businesses while working more remotely. We help customers to execute strategic reflections, collective prioritizations, group decisions or transformation initiatives in a more collaborative, executive and digital way, complementing Microsoft 365/Teams with (Collaborative Intelligence), to generate a digital workplace with high added value for leaders.

We develop projects taking advantage of the power of our multidisciplinary team, well known experts in collaborative intelligence and group decision making methodologies. We take collaboration tools like Teams to the next level, helping to make them more executive and decision making oriented by integrating our Delibera service, and hence increasing participation of current users in Microsoft tools.

We implement said methodologies in our customers and certify key users. We can start with POCs. We will prepare a closing document with the lessons learned.

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