MVP Application with Power Apps: 5-Day Workshop


Infopulse, as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, can help your business leverage the power of the Microsoft Power Apps platform.

Learn how to automate business processes and analyze complex data – in a one-week workshop .

What makes Infopulse different is that we use the most applicable and advantageous implementation scenarios that match your business objectives. Enhanced agility, automated administration, lower costs, less complexity, and higher availability – you get all this when our experts manage the implementation of Power Apps development and educational projects.

This offer is the perfect choice for those looking to trial-test the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps for their business. It will help you understand the scope of challenges that can be solved with this platform, as well as train your employees to build simple yet efficient applications.

The practical workshop runs 5 business days and contains the following activities:


  • Day 1: analyzing current business requirements
  • Day 2: planning and designing the solution
  • Days 3-4: building the solution
  • Day 5: demonstrating the solution in action and handing it over to the client

Key Benefits:

  • Faster and reliable deployment
  • Suitable for citizen developers
  • Easy connectors for custom solutions
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Low cost and high ROI


  • Solving a pressing business challenge in a short time
  • Building a working prototype of a Power Apps-based solution that automates one of your business processes
  • A basic understanding of the architecture and customization principles
  • The whole process is delivered as an educational workshop
  • Video recordings of the training are also included and provided to the client for further educational purposes

Our MVP Application with Power Apps: 5-Day Workshop offer is available globally.

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