Interlink Cloud Proactive Enhanced Security Monitoring & Response: Monthly Managed Service

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Interlink's managed services for Microsoft 365 combines 24x7 automated incidence response and 12x5 Security Operations Center for alert visibility, investigation, and optimization


Modern security threats are more dangerous than ever​. Sophisticated and targeted attacks and ransomware can cripple your business and damage your reputation. Tools are important, but security must be operationalized​. With data in the cloud, the focus is on protecting email and protecting endpoints. Fast response to alerts is critical, and users must receive regular training. Plus, security resources are expensive and scarce.

Interlink Cloud Proactive: Enhanced Security Monitoring & Response is a cost-effective solution to the modern security challenge. Interlink will monitor your security posture with 24x7 automated incident response and a 12x5 Security Operations Center for alert visibility, investigation and optimization utilizing Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Office 365. We’ll watch for any threats so we can isolate and deal with them to limit potential damage. We’ll also conduct monthly phishing-tests and cybersecurity awareness training to help your team keep threats out to begin with, as well as quarterly risk assessments and penetration testing to gain visibility into your organization’s threat landscape​. Interlink will customize an onboarding and licensing plan to ensure that prerequisites are met​.

Pricing is based on user count and ranges from $750/mo to $3,000/mo. Microsoft tooling costs are not included in the monthly service fees​.

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