Microsoft 365 E5 Cyber Range 2 Week Implementation


KAMIND's cybersecurity immersive learning deployment utilizing Project Ares Cyber Range for Microsoft 365 Security Suites.

Today’s aggressive cyber attacks require you to continuously train your security team on Microsoft 365 E5’s latest security changes and updates. The best way to do this is to use an interactive Cyber Range tool called Project Ares. This learning implementation covers a 2-week period, that includes the following:

Week 1 o Perform Microsoft 365 E5 gap analysis (3 days) o Build out a GAP remediation plan (1 day) o 1-day self-study

Week 2 o Review the security deployment in a work session (over 3 days, 1 hour per day) o Use the Cyber Range tool to Train security teams on how to use the Microsoft 365 E5 (1 day, 4-hour session) o Executive Review and Recommendations (1 hour session)

At the end of the two-week period, the organization will have a clear action plan on what changes need to be made to enhance the Microsoft 365 E5 deployment (as defined in the action plan) along with the training how to use the Microsoft 365 E5 services to best support the business.

This 2 Week service includes:

  • GAP Review of the Microsoft 365 E5 deployed services
  • Review session on Microsoft 365 E5 Deployment with tactics
  • Cyber Range Training on how to defend the business against a red team attack
  • Executive review of the GAP Action Plan
  • Optional - KAMIND can deploy review of the GAP Action Plan

Cyber Range tools are becoming increasingly important to increasing the skillset of your Security Operations team. New federal cybersecurity standards such as the CMMC (Cybersecurity maturity Model certification) framework, required training for the cybersecurity teams in order to achieve cybersecurity maturity level 2 and higher. This tool provides additional configuration and utilization focusing on improving the effectiveness of the Microsoft 365 E5 suites. Contact KAMIND IT today to begin.

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