Complete MXDR Powered by Microsoft Sentinel

KiZAN Technologies

Rapidly improve your security posture and protect against an evolving cyber threat landscape 24x7x365 with Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

KiZAN's Complete MXDR journey starts with implementation and optimization of Microsoft Defender products and Microsoft Sentinel, resulting in 24x7x365 monitoring, detection, and response.


  • Gain the advantage over adversaries leveraging 24x7x365 monitoring of security incidents with Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Utilize automated and manual response actions such as isolating devices, suspending user accounts, blocking files, and sign-in session revocation
  • Supercharge threat detection and incident investigations by capitalizing on the proactive capabilities of Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Hunting
  • Seamlessly track the entire incident investigation and resolution process with Microsoft Sentinel and ITSM integration
  • Empower your IT security staff with comprehensive visibility across your entire ecosystem
  • Harness the power of Microsoft's threat intelligence platform to fortify your defenses


KiZAN’s Complete MXDR offer combines Sentinel and Microsoft Defender stack deployment, management, and monitoring to provide ongoing 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting, and response, ensuring an organization's security posture is continuously improving while providing ongoing maintenance, management, enhancement, and ownership of the following Microsoft Defender solutions:


  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity


Focus on supporting your broader business needs and leave your MXDR and Defender stack monitoring and management to us! Don't miss those critical security threats that could be detrimental to your organization and its employees.


Your Complete MXDR Onboarding Journey:



Deploy and configure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender solutions to enable security signal collection and analysis.

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of current security posture.
  • Deploy or validate the following Microsoft Defender security solutions:
    • Microsoft Sentinel
    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE)
    • Defender for Identity
    • Defender for Office 365
    • Defender for Cloud Apps
    • Microsoft 365 Defender (XDR)
    • Defender for Cloud (XDR)
    • Azure Arc
    • Syslog/CEF forwarding
    • Azure Lighthouse
  • Conduct thorough testing of implemented products to ensure functionality and collection of security signals.



Customize the implementation to reduce false positives, optimize performance, and ensure that the security signals received are relevant to the customer's environment.

  • Analyze signals received to identify any false positives or irrelevant data
  • Review security policies and procedures to ensure alignment with security goals and objectives
  • Complete an incident response matrix to authorize and forbid mitigation actions
  • Gather high-value target information to be compiled into watchlists
  • Analyze performance metrics to optimize implementation
  • Provide recommendations for additional security controls or solutions that may be necessary to enhance security posture


Detect and Respond:

Actively monitor security signals and respond to potential security threats in a timely and effective manner.

  • Monitor security signals in real-time to identify potential security threats and anomalous activity
  • Conduct threat-hunting exercises to proactively identify and investigate potential threats
  • Analyze security signals to determine the severity and impact of a potential threat
  • Escalate potential threats to the appropriate personnel or teams for further investigation and response
  • Collaborate with security personnel to investigate and respond to potential threats
  • Provide incident response support to the customer as needed, which can include containment, eradication, and recovery
  • Conduct post-incident reviews to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to prevent future incidents
  • Continuously monitor and fine-tune the MXDR service to ensure it is delivering the most effective and relevant security signals


Estimated pricing per endpoint. Variables include user count, device count, connector count, number of ingestion nodes, and environement complexity.

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