Home Healthcare Field Kit - 2 Day Workshop

KiZAN Technologies

Teams Solution Workshop for Firstline Healthcare Workers

Educate Clinical Directors and Decision Makers how to eliminate paper-based errors and inefficiencies using the Power Platform.

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to use the Healthcare Field Kit to replace paper-based forms with mobile apps that run on any device. The workshop will showcase how firstline professionals can utilize a custom Teams solution to significantly increase productivity and reduce or eliminate errors in-home health data collection and use that data for the automation of reviews, audits, and retention policies.

Strengthen Security and Compliance
Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 enables better collaboration between firstline workers and supporting staff while securing sensitive information with Azure Active Directory Identity and Access management and adherence to existing information protection and compliance policies.

Workshop Agenda

  • Overview of Teams Solution and Mobile Apps for Firstline Workers
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Client Evaluations
    • Digital Signatures
    • Scanning client documentation
  • Envisioning Customer Specific Scenarios and Personas
  • Review customizations and integration with Line of Business Application
  • Demonstration of Home Healthcare Field Kit tailored to address customer-specific scenarios
  • Roadmap for pilot implementation


  • Discovery Findings​
    • Target Personas
    • Target Scenarios

  • Envisioning Outcomes
    • Scenario Storyboards
    • Definition of Productivity Metrics and Measurables

  • Home Healthcare Field Kit
    • Solution Demonstration
    • Customer Specific Solution Design Recommendations
    • Pilot or next steps planning

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