Zero Trust Protect and Govern Sensitive Data

KiZAN Technologies

Lock down your data and take back control. Our Zero Trust Protect and Govern program empowers you to secure your sensitive information, simplify compliance, and gain peace of mind.

Strengthen Microsoft 365 Purview and Compliance with KiZAN's Zero Trust Protect and Govern

Ensure watertight data security and unwavering compliance within your Microsoft 365 environment with KiZAN's Zero Trust Protect and Govern program. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, KiZAN empowers your organization to maximize the compliance and data governance capabilities of Microsoft 365.

KiZAN's Expertise in Microsoft 365 Purview

Data Classification and Labeling: KiZAN seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Purview to pinpoint and classify sensitive data across your Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We assist with implementing a robust data labeling system for effortless identification and compliance with regulations.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies: Our program leverages Microsoft Purview DLP to establish and enforce granular access controls. This safeguards your sensitive information from unauthorized access or accidental leaks within Microsoft 365.

Audit Trail and Compliance Reporting: KiZAN helps you leverage Microsoft Purview audit capabilities for comprehensive activity tracking within Microsoft 365. This empowers you to generate detailed reports for regulatory compliance audits.


  • Enhanced Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Simplified Data Governance within Microsoft 365
  • Streamlined Compliance Audits and Reporting
  • Reduced Risk of Data Shadow IT and Leaks
  • Peace of Mind with Robust Microsoft 365 Security

Peace of Mind

With KiZAN's Zero Trust Protect and Govern program, you can achieve unshakeable confidence in your Microsoft 365 security posture. Our program empowers you to focus on your core business while KiZAN ensures your data adheres to the strictest compliance standards within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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