Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop: 3 Days

Migrate LLC

This service offering leads you through key Microsoft Teams governance concepts such as provisioning methods, compliance, retention, guest access, and improving the user experience

Workshop services for Microsoft 365. We will lead you through a series of technical briefing sessions tailored to address your needs, immerse in recommended Microsoft Teams governance concepts, present technical overviews and demos, and based on session findings provide governance planning and technical recommendations.

The 3-day delivery includes:

Engagement Preparation

  • Plan the workshop activities
  • Confirm attendees
  • Confirm schedule
  • Review delivery approach, requirements, and goals

Day 1 - Increase Teams Governance Knowledge Briefing

  • Define delivery outcomes
  • A Teams governance plan includes defining policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that structure the adoption of Teams while enabling secure and compliant collaboration
  • Understand key configuration and governance decisions
  • Teams lifecycle management
  • Customer Success Solution Plan

Day 2 - Assess Your Teams Environment Briefing

  • Assess existing policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes
  • Assess current usage of Teams and identify challenges and/or concerns
  • Review Teams administration, management tools, reports, usage data

Day 3 - Build the Governance Plan

  • Lifecycle management - creation standards, automation, retention/expiration, key policy/configuration decisions
  • Understanding key configuration and governance decisions
  • Improved Team lifecycle creation standards, policies, procedures, retention, and automation
  • Ensure compliance with records and regulatory policies
  • How to improve the user experience
  • Policy communication best practices

Delivery Outcomes

Increased knowledge of Teams governance strategies, and assessment of your current Teams environment. Teams governance plan recommendations specific to your organization

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